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Predex™ HomepageHow Predex™ can help you ?Severe swelling or edema
How Predex™ can help you ? Severe swelling or edema
How Predex™ can help you ?    
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Chronic venous insufficiency
Varicose veins
Heavy Leg syndrome
Severe edema or swelling of the leg, ankle and foot
Premenstrual syndrome
Hemorrhoids & hemorrhoid crisis
Capillary fragility
Anti-inflammatory activity
Severe edema or swelling
What causes Edema or swelling ?

Edema or swelling is a condition of imbalanced fluid volume in the circulatory system or in the interstitial spaces of tissues. The circulatory system allows the blood flow throughout the body and into the body's tissues via a network of blood vessels to carry oxygen and nutrients before it moves back from the cells into the blood vessels and returns to the heart.
If too much fluid moves from the blood vessels into the tissues, or not enough fluid moves from the tissues back into the blood vessels, it causes mild to severe swelling or edema. Ankle, foot and leg swelling can have many possible causes including Chronic Veinous Insufficiency (CVI) because of the abnormally high pressure of blood. Whithout appropriate treatment, the edema or the swelling will increase and can lead to more serious problems like ulcer.

Diosmin and edema (swelling) :

Here's a brief look at scientific studies shed light on how diosmin can help aginst edema and swelling :

An oedema reduction was shown by Casley-Smith in 1995 : The administration via stomach tube of 0, 50 and 200 mg/kg Diosmin suspended in 0,8% Tylose to 36 male Wistar rats (250 ± 25 g) divided into 3 groups, was studied on high-protein oedemas obtained with lung contusion.Diosmin considerably reduced the intersticial oedema and tissue disorganization with a greater effect at the higher dose. Conversely, in the rat leg oedema model studied in 45 female Wistar rats (200 ± 25 g) with the same doses, the lower concentration (50 mg/kg) was more active. In the acute lymphoedema of the leg studied in 45 male Wistar rats (200 ± 25 g), both concentrations were active. At high doses, Diosmin iduced the release of mediators in the rat foot, whereas in other tissues, it reduces many forms of high-protein oedemas.

A 2002 study involving 5,052 Chronic venous insufficiency patients reported "continuous clinical improvement . . . throughout the study," with clinical scores for Chronic Venous Insufficiency-related pain, swelling, leg heaviness and cramps all showing significant decrease after treatment with micronized diosmin and hesperidin for 6 months. [Jantet].

Diosmin also significantly reduced reported discomfort of "heavy leg" syndrome. [Carpentier].

Flavonoids produced a 200% increase in lymphatic flow, along with decreased capillary permeability and increased capillary resistance, in a study involving dogs. [Struckmann]. Flavonoids' observed clinical efficacy on edema is believed to be due to improving lymphatic function and reduction of certain adhesion molecules, counteracting CVI-induced damage to microcirculation. [Ramelet]. Flavonoids may also help the body repair small blood vessel damage that leads to fluid permeability. [Chrystie 2001].

INFOBOX | What can mean swelling or edema for your health:

Edema (swelling) in the area of the foot or ankle is often the first noticeable symptom of Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). [Boccalon; Clement].

While leg pain and swelling are frequent hallmarks, only your doctor can diagnose Chronic Venous Insufficiency for sure. He or she may perform a variety of tests, and will rule out other potential conditions which may be causing pain or swelling.

Severe pain and swelling in any extremity.


How Predex™ can help you ?    
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